Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Day musings from the Daniels house. What would be the perfect gift? @tdanielsauthor

It's Love day ! 

Some of you, I'm guessing, have been busy planning the perfect day for you and your partner. A day to put everything else aside and show your love for each other. I've been thinking about it a lot myself. This is the first Valentines Day that Mr. D. and I will share together. I guess you might think that we're still in that honeymoon phase of our relationship. He's always attentive and caring and brings me home flowers and presents for no reason at all. I don't think that will ever stop because that's just the kind of guy he is.

As I mentioned in my last post, we recently merged households and live together in one tiny
townhouse. There are fewer opportunities for romance now. There is very little opportunity for
privacy. lol I never thought at my age I'd have to worry about being quiet. *wink wink*.  Mr. D. doesn't worry so much. His plans are to make as much noise as possible in hopes that the adult children will feel awkward enough that they move out. SOON. Although it seems like the opposite. Mr. D. is working the dreaded night shift tonight, and I'm sitting in the living room trying to decide what charming Daniels family tidbits to entertain you with. From the basement apartment I can hear disturbing sounds. Why can't they turn up the TV to drown out the moaning? That's What Mr. D. and I do. lol I try to convince myself that the loud grunting and groaning coming from the lower level is the result of a rigorous... sweating to the oldies work out. Where in the world did I put the headphones?  Gah! Earmuffs! I NEED EARMUFFS! I am now officially feeling uncomfortable.  

Sorry, back to my Valentines Day thoughts.  Despite the cramped quarters, there's so many positive things, about having Mr. D. here with us. My boys, for the first time, get to witness their mother in a loving relationship. I've blogged about how powerful young love can be. There's nothing better than witnessing it. But there's something equally beautiful and powerful in new love. We're not NEW, by any stretch of the imagination but neither of us is past our best before date either. We've been there, done that. We made mistakes and learned from them. The up side, is that my boys now get to witness a loving relationship based on respect. Mr. D. is a cuddly, mushy, and romantic kind of guy. He has no issues with intimacy or public displays of affection. He's a kind and patient man both in our relationship and the relationship he's built with my sons. It's only been a year but I can see the influence that he has had on my boys when I see them with their partners. Boys need a strong, positive male role model in their lives and they're lucky to have him.

Valentines day, in my opinion, is considered to be a holiday for the girls. Am I right? We all wait anxiously for the one day a year that we get 'spoiled'. We hope that our guys plan quiet romantic dinners, or maybe a night at the movies. Flowers, Candy... Jewelry! Then we'll reward them when we get home with a sexy nightie and some loving. There's my dilemma.  Mr. D. is good to me EVERY Day. He plans regular date nights and romantic weekend getaways. He buys me presents all the time when he sees things that he thinks I'd like. He protects me and keeps me safe. I want to do something extra special for him. I've spent hours in the past few weeks trying to find the perfect gift. I left no stone unturned. Weekends away, gift certificates for performance car racing... date nights to do all his favorite activities. But nothing felt right. Nothing felt 'good enough'.  After days and nights of wanting to plan the perfect Valentines day for him I think I finally figured it out.

Mr. Daniels isn't about what I buy, or what I plan. He's not about the money spent on gifts or events. It's about ME. I don't mean my body. I mean ME. My time. The best gift I can give my guy is to make him feel loved, wanted and needed. I will acknowledge the household chores he does on his day off and the things that magically get fixed. I will let him know how much I appreciate all the little things he does, for me and my kids. I'll Celebrate all his efforts to make me happy and forgive all the mistakes. Most importantly, I will return his gift of patience and compromise. An equal partner. In every way, emotionally, spiritually and unselfishly.

He reminds me all the time that he's not a perfect man. But he's perfect for me. Not just one day a year, but every day. He's a good man who deserves to be loved. And I do love him, with all my heart. I need to show him that. Whether you're celebrating a new relationship, rekindling an old one or still looking for the right one, I hope that you have a fantastic day!

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