Sunday, August 13, 2017

Author Shenanigans @MichelleGAuthor #RTCOttawa2017 #jtsshenanigans

Hello! This post is coming to you late, and I apologize. While I was in  our nation's capital where Eve Langlais is hosting the 3rd annual readers' conference, Romancing the Capital, I had technical difficulties with my computer, and then we went camping, and then I had to recover. Also I had to find a date no one else was posting.

Several of our bloggers here attended as signing authors including 'Nathan Burgoine, Amy Ruttan, Susan Hayes, and Elle Rush (whose head attended since she had a family thing come up and couldn't make it).  Me? I go as a reader for a couple reasons. First, I must protect the secret identity! Second, I love hearing from other writers about their process and inspiration. And last, because I may be just a bit of a fan girl.

This year I wanted to get pics of the authors, but I wanted to do something different. Inspiration struck when browsing for crochet patterns and I found a Mature Content section. Naturally I had to check it out. The result? John Thomas (JT for short) who became my travelling companion.

Yeah, it's amazing what authors will come up with. Anyway, JT has been making the rounds. He proved quite popular with authors and readers! In fact, I've had orders to make several of these guys. I may have to open an ETSY shop, lol. Please enjoy these pics while I get back to crocheting more penises. You can follow me and #jtsshenanigans on Instagram.

'Nathan Burgoine, Elizabeth Lister, Desiree Holt, Heather Long

JT as centrepiece, getting fondled by readers, and hanging with Susan Hayes.

L-R: Top - Cat Johnson, Sarah Castille, Eliza Gayle
Middle - Corene Callahan, Darynda Jones, Tina Christopher
Bottom - Sharon Page, Opal Carew, Sara Hubbard

Anne Lange, Felicity Kates, Sadie Haller (with Zoe York hiding in the background)

Milly Taiden and Angela S. Stone

Elle Rush blowing a kiss to JT.

And the event's host, Eve Langlais. 

I love Romancing the Capital because there's so much energy and so many people just like me! It's so refreshing to turn the filter off and talk about whatever I want with people who accept it all. I mean, where else can you carry a crocheted penis? If you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it. Plans for next year are already underway and tickets are available here.

Until next month!

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