Sunday, August 6, 2017

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*Waving Hi* I'm on my way back from the third annual Romancing the Capital. I will do a little recap next month, because as soon as I hit the ground running back at home I have to pack up my kids, husband and make sure my dog is off to my Dad's place because we're flying out to Calgary.

I've been out west before. I love it, but what's great about this trip is as soon as we land we're headed north to the Northwest Territories and Wood Buffalo National Park.

I'm so stinking excited.

Pine Lake

Northwest Territories has been on my bucket list for years and I wouldn't be going if it weren't for the fact my brother just got engaged to a fabulous girl who works up there in Fort Smith NWT. Although his fiancee is from Ontario.

Alexandra Falls. Yep, going to see them too!

It's going to take 17 hrs from Calgary to get there, but I'm so, so, so excited. Even if it means traveling for three hours on 200 km of gravel road where there's no cell service. It's like the last frontier, sort of.

And when we're up there, the midnight sun sets and the aurora borealis returns to the north. They actually celebrate it, so I'm really hoping to see another one. I haven't seen the northern lights since I was 14 and my kids have never seen them.

Aurora Borealis courtesy of my SIL to be

Good thing Wood Buffalo National Park is Canada's largest dark night preserve. Even if we don't catch an aurora the stars alone on a clear night will be amazing.

After a few days up north of 60 we're headed back to visit my husband's sister who lives south of Edmonton. We're planning to head back to Jasper, Drumheller, Edmonton, Rocky Mountain House and a place I've never been before Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump.

I love everything about Canada's west. And at the end of this trip I'll have seen top to bottom of Alberta. I have seen a lot of Ontario, but I've never been to Moosenee (it's on my bucket list though), so I haven't been top to bottom of my own home province.

What's on your bucket list?

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