Monday, May 19, 2014

Finding The Perfect Location

Holy smokes, June is just around the corner, and my writing schedule is still out of wack! Moving along, after finishing my recent edits for a historical romance, I took a gander at my outstanding projects. My full length paranormal romance Pandemonium (Mistress of Forsaken Souls, Book 1), lacked a decided location.

Upon further reflection, I want to build my characters in a deep and wild sense. It wasn't until I was screwing around on Pinterest did I find some lovely photos from Northern Ontario, which is my neck of the woods. So why the heck wouldn't I place the book in and around the Algoma region? Hell...we're even on the border of the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Now that the location is decided, I guess I better hurry up and get editing.

Here's some photo's I thought I share to help give you some hints about what the novel is about. :)

So, how do you think think this all these images fit together?

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