Monday, May 12, 2014

My Vampires Don't Sparkle...and they like to bite

Yeah, so, mother day has come and gone, but this year was particularly awesome. I, of course, got my traditional, mommy doesn't cook day. Breakfast pancakes with bananas made by my oldest. Lunch was burgers on the barbecue. And dinner was made by hubby - barbecued steak on the grill with a yummy baked potato and salad. Delicious!

We did our traditional thing too. We hit Lowes bright and early to grab some flowers. We cleaned out the beds and planted - and yes, I'm optimistic that frost won't kill my new plants. I went with hardy stuff, though; pansies and marigolds because I've found them difficult for even me to kill, lol. We cleaned the whole yard up and put out the patio furniture, because hey, what's mother's day without some type of manual labor. (At least we weren't laying interlock like we did one year!)

And, my newest Pack book launched!!!

Yeah, despite the excitement of the mother day festivities in my house, lol, that kind of made my day. I'm really excited about New Pack Order which is the fourth book in the series. I've taken my bestselling series into a new direction. Introduced new dilemmas and characters and wrote what I think is an awesome story. I hope, lol. Now it's up to readers to decide if I succeeded.

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A cold blooded vampire.
A Lycan rogue trying to escape his past.
A human coming to grips with her new heritage.

Can they establish a New Pack Order?

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Genre: Paranormal/Werewolf Multi Partner Romance (MFM)
‘Pack’ series order:
*Author’s note: This series is best read in order so that you can understand unfolding events.

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