Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's A Small World

Every now and then, a funny coincidence will happen that reminds you no matter how BIG the world is, it's also small.

As a romance writer, I work from home. I don't commute or interact with many people because of this. When it comes to being able to hang out with my peers, we're not prolific. Or so I thought... When I began organizing the romance conference for 2015, I set out to actively find Canadian authors. To my delight and surprise, there are more of us than I thought. Alot more, lol. Some even live, literally right around the corner from me (yes, I'm talking about you, Opal Carew! lol) and some only minutes away. I recently discovered, Reece Butler is close enough to meet for a coffee. Something we're planning to do shortly. And since she was a new to me author, I hunted down her stories and found out she has a new release which I'm now going to share with you. Because sharing is caring lol.

 * * *

 Tough rancher Lila Frost is determined to prove to her parents that she can manage the Circle C Ranch while they're away for a month. She's desperate for hired hands, so eagerly signs up Jet Quartermain and "Houston".

Having just left the Army, Jet wants to ease into civilian life while Houston needs to recover from his injuries. Lila's experience with men has been limited and boring, though her fantasy life is rich. Jet's insistence he be her master at night both arouses and annoys her. Naturally dominant men, they find her independence an enjoyable challenge. She enjoys their attention, and the jealousy shown by spiteful rivals from her past.

The stakes are raised with the possibility of pregnancy as Jet, born a bastard, insists a baby means a husband while Lila refuses to consider it. When Lila's life is threatened all three must reconsider their pasts, the present, and future plans.

 Reece Butler 

Reece Butler, a Siren author known for her Erotic cowboy ménage romances (who also happens to be attending Romancing the Capital In Ottawa, April of 2015).

 Continuing the Bride Train saga in Climax Montana (contemporary) #1: The Merry Widow of Tanner's Ford : May 2013 #2: Having It All : Sept 2013 #3: The Bartered Bride : December 2013 #4: No Strings Attached : June 2014

Bride Train series: 1870s Montana Territory #1: Barefoot Bride for Three : August, 2010 #2: A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise : January, 2011 #3: Compromised Cowgirl : May, 2011 #4: A Convenient Husband : August, 2011 #5: 1 Bed, 2 Weddings, 3 Husbands : February, 2012 #6: Beauty and the Beasts : April. 2012 #7: The Badger City Gang : July, 2012 #8: Southern Seduction : November, 2012 #9: Demanding Satisfaction : March, 2013



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