Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Panic Time

As my trip to Lori Foster's Reader and Author Get Together approaches, my panic level is rising. For one thing, I've got to fly, which isn't a big deal, I enjoy airplanes, but I worry about getting to the airport on time. The whole get there two hours early means I have to be there for 8am. Hello rush hour traffic in Ottawa. Next, are the nightmares I get to the airport and realize I don't have my passport. Don't laugh. I've woken up a few times now in a complete state of panic lol. Oh, and then there's going through security and stuff. I know I'm not a terrorist, but some of those guys are so serious looking and I am so giggly, that I really worry about getting hauled off and put under a bright light as they grill me on why I'm traveling to the USA. Me: I'm going to a romance convention.(giggle, giggle) Him: What for? Me: Because I'm an author. Him: You write that mommy porn stuff? Me: Romance, yes, with aliens and werewolves. Him: Okay... (eyebrows raised - hand signal to his backup indicating crazy lady alert) Now assuming, I get checked in fine and on time, and get on the plane, then there's the fear I won't make my connecting flight. I'm landing in Washington, a new to me airport and have 45 minutes between my first flight and second. Tight, I know. I am so worried about making it. Will I be one of those people running through the airport screaming, "I'm coming, wait for me!" What happens if I miss it? What will I do? Will anyone care if I sit on the floor and cry? lol. Then, I land in Cinncinnatti where I am supposed to meet my lovely volunteer who is giving me a ride. What if I can't find her?! What if she's like the lady from Misery and she drives me to a remote cabin and demands I bring the mastermind back to life? LOLOLOL. Okay, now I'm just being silly :) Once I manage to navigate all those pitfalls and make it to the hotel, like thousands of travelers do every day, then I know I will have an awesome time. Until Sunday, when I get to panic all over again about the return flight. lol. How are you when it comes to traveling? Do you just casually hop on a plane/train/automobile without a sweat or are you like me, unable to help yourself from imagining all kinds of scenarios where things will go wrong? Oh and for those who wonder if I worry about my luggage not showing. I've got that one covered. I always bring a spare set of clothes in my carry on. Now here's to hoping the guys who check it don't yank out my big girl panties and wave them around for everyone to see. LOL.

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  1. *giggling* Sounds like a good opening for a book! lol
    Yes, I am like you.
    I get sooooo nervous. Especially around customs as their seriousness really scares me. Make sure you don't wear an underwire bra...I have heard they make the bells and whistles go off when going through those metal detectors (more story material).
    Best wishes for your next trip. Remember what they say...what you think is always worse than the real thing.