Thursday, January 19, 2017

Keeping Warm in Canadian Winter...How Hot Do You Like It?

How Hot Do You Like It?

There are mixed opinions about winter in Canada. There are those who love it, and those who hate it. 
I'm somewhere in the middle. How can that be, you ask? There are many variables to take into consideration. So here's my list:

    • Extra reasons to cuddle
    • The crackle of the warm fire on a cold winter's night
    • The smell of wood burning in the fireplace
    • Hot Cocoa or a great cup of tea
    • More time indoors attached to my laptop
    • Snow days where Mother Nature determines if I leave home
    • Watching my minions building snow men
    • Sledding
    • Cozy Sweaters
    • Leggings and long pants
    • Scarves made with love
    • Curl up with a glass of wine and snuggle under a blanket

    • Salt-stained boots
    • The crowded and cluttered mud room
    • Schizphrenic weather
    • Ice storms
    • Muddy cars
    • Dangerous commutes
    • Not being able to BBQ as often
    • Limited bond fires outside 
    • Yellow snow
    • Bitter cold (below -20 c)
    • Unburying your car, your porch, your driveway...
    • Any kind of shoveling in general!

Most of all, I love steamy Canadian Romances that chase the chills away. 
I love reading them, I love writing them. Without spending a fortune to travel to romantic getaways with balmy weather and smexy men in next-to-nothing, romance stories can sweep you off your feet.
There is nothing better than to be curled up with your favourite bevvy, a fantastic book and a cozy blanket with the crackling fire just feet away from you. 

This winter and early spring, I'm so excited to be bringinng not one, but two fiery releases with dragons to warm your hearts!

Coming in February, 2017:
Mythic Iron 
A Wiccan Haus-Dragon Menage 
(Official cover still to come)

Coming in March, 2017:
Stoking the Flames 
A 13 Story Anthology with 13 Fantastic authors!
My story in this anthology is another smokin' hot dragon menage called
Curse of the Dragon's Eye

So tell us, what is your favourite way to keep warm in the winter?

Happy reading, 

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