Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year's Resolution ~ Tackling my ever-growing TBR pile by @jsubject #amreading

Hello everyone! Happy 2017! It's great to be back at Romance Eh? Canadian Style for a new year. And we have some fresh faces here. They are new to the blog, but not new to writing. I hope you've enjoyed reading their posts so far.

Today I want to talk about the dreaded TBR (to be read) pile. If you're like me, yours is HUGE! I have books to read on my Kindle app, on my Kobo app, audio books on my Audible app, and physical books on my bookshelf. (Though I have to on my side table reminding me to hurry up and finish reading my current book so I can read them.)

Last year, I didn't read (or listen to) enough, and failed to reach my Goodreads reading goal. In fact, I haven't reached my goal since 2012, even though I reduced the number each year.

This year, I WILL reach my goal and, with any luck, surpass it. How? To start, I've gotten rid of all games on my phone. If I need something to do while I'm on it, I will read. Plus, I'm going to listen to more audio books. I still get to enjoy books that way, and can do it while busy with other things like cooking and other household chores.

My goal this year is the same as last year. 25 books. I WILL reach it. :) And I'm off to a great start, finishing an audio book yesterday while doing the dishes, and an ebook last night. That's two down and twenty-three to go (of the hundreds on my TBR pile). I've got this.

Here's what I just finished and what I'm reading next...


Tell me, what's on your TBR pile? 

What is your reading goal for this year?

Looking to add to your TBR pile?
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