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Kacey's Year In Review #Goodbye2016 @KaceyHammell #Writing #Authors

Good morning everyone! How is 2017 treating you so far? Are you glad to have 2016 over with? I remember in high school, as the new year started and we were finishing up our first semester, my English teacher's first assignment was reflecting on the previous year. So I thought today I'd do a similar version of that old assignment -- going back a few years LOL -- and reflect on 2016.

It was a crazy freakin' year! 2016 has to be the worst in history for deaths and tragedy, and well, let's face it, a possible leader of a country that has put the fear of everything we can ever fear into play. But I'm not about to get political here. 2016 will be known as the WTF year, IMO.

For me, it was a year of amazing moments. And this year I choose to look at the positives and not dwell on negatives. My top moments, the ones I basked in and enjoyed the most will always be remembered with love and so many feels!

As always, the top thing is that my hubby and kids all are doing well health wise. That's always first and foremost. My oldest son is still kicking Type 1 Diabetes ass! He does what he needs to in order to be healthy and makes me proud of everything he accomplishes. At the end of March we were blessed with a new addition to our family, my nephew Benjamin was born. And OMG he's a joy. A bundle of smiles and happiness. He's teething and doing okay with it, the first couple were horrid for him of course, but when anyone pulls out their phone to take his pic, he's posing and giggling and a bundle of fun and love.

In April, Momma and I went to our Meet & Greet / Concert with Johnny Reid for the fifth time. Can't help it, love our Scottish country singer! <3
Love love love this man!
In June, our oldest graduated from her Nursing Program at College. What an emotional and proud day for her Daddy and I. To top that off, she made the Dean's List too! She's always been a hard working young lady and never backs down from challenges. I'm pleased to say she found a job in September at a Nursing Home not too far from our house, her first time applying for a job in her field and she landed it. She's been there about four months now and boy does she love it! We're very proud of her. And it's so awesome that she has a job in her field. I admit I worried about that. Not everyone finds a job after graduating.

Summer flew by and before I knew it, kids were back in school. My youngest started high school - Grade 9! I can't believe it still. All my kids are out of elementary school and I don't have endless trips to go on, classes to volunteer in regularly and such. Then October rolled around and my hubby and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Again, time has flown by and I'm amazed at just how fast. I remember the first time I met him, as though it was yesterday. Love that man even more today than I did the day I married him. Life is very good when married to a wonderful man who is an even better father.

In September, I traveled to London, Ontario for a book signing. I got to hang out with some members of this blog -- Amy, Kali, Kayleigh, Tricia, Roxanna -- and it was a lot of fun. London is a nice little town. I also, finally able to meet one of my Critique Partners, SJ Maylee, while I was there. She made the trip from Michigan, and I from here, and we "met in the middle" so to speak. I roomed with SJ & Kali, and they are two ladies whom I adore with my whole heart. They became fast friends as well, which I loved because they are so dear to me. I knew they'd hit it off.  The book signing was a lot of fun and it was wonderful revisiting with readers I'd met before and meeting new ones. And I loved meeting other authors I'd never had the opportunity to meet before. There's nothing like a book signing event to bring people together.
With my roomies and BFFs - Kali & SJ

I'm with the awesome Kayleigh Malcolm
With my fave Harlequin author, Amy Ruttan

Book news excitement -- I contracted THREE new books with Evernight Publishing in October and November!!

SJ & I at the Falls
October was also a trip I'll never, ever forget. First, I drove myself to Niagara on the Lake. And it's a huge thing for me because I'm not much of a long distance driver. Heck, driving my kids to and from in our area is bad enough for me, but driving through Highway 401, etc to get there -- I was in near panic mode for about 6 months just thinking about it. (and Kali drove me to London in May, by the way LOL). I went to Niagara on the Lake for the first Writer's Retreat for my publisher, Evernight Publishing. Again, I met SJ Maylee there, we roomed together again and spent a few days talking and talking. Many authors attended, two of whom are on this blog too -- Michelle Graham & LD Blakeley. We all had a great time. We got to meet the wonderful owner of the company in person, chat with our Marketing/PR force of nature who is amazing, and it was fabulous putting faces to the names I'd only met online. I got a great amount of writing in that weekend, which was the focus of it, but well as authors do -- we chatted A LOT! Lots of laughter was heard through the resort!

Evernight Publishing Authors

November was to be uneventful really, but sometimes life has a way of surprising us. And thanks to Kali, a dream came true for both of us! (as well as Tricia and another pal of ours) Quite unexpected, Kali got us all organized and on board, though it didn't take much, to get VIP tickets to go see the hunkiest man in the world. Our own Baby Boy, Shemar Moore. And to say I'm "a fan" is a huge understatement. Trust me, the man is everything!! My husband understands how much I adore Shemar and he's okay with it. Shemar is exactly as he portrays himself to be -- charming, flirtatious and a voice like butter! Mmm, he's amazing. At the club, where he was making the rounds in Toronto to promote his indie movie "Bounce Back", he danced with all of us. Took his time talking to as many as possible, we snapped pix, he showed his abs and his dancing skills. And when the man hugs, he doesn't do it half-assed at all. He pulls you in deep and fully into his embrace. As I said to my hubby, "you couldn't get a slice of cheese between us" when he hugged me, multiple times I might add. LOL  Hubby understood and reaped the rewards of me meeting Shemar when I got home! *wink*

Sexiest, sweetest man. Love me some Shemar Moore!

Rounding out the year was a great Christmas here at home. The hubs and I, the kids and their significant others, and Grandpa. It was a quiet, perfect way to end the year. We're all very blessed and I tell ya I'm thankful for my wonderful family who supports me, gives me strength and understanding in everything.

I'm grateful for my author colleagues, here on this blog and others I've met along the way.  I have some of the best friendships with authors that I never expected to have in my life. I'm happy for what great things 2016 gave me, and I'm ready for all the powerful and unexpected moments 2017 has in store for me. 

I hope you all have a wonderful 2017!! xoxo

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