Friday, May 26, 2017

A Day by the Falls #RTF17

One of my favourite parts of being an author is book signings. I love meeting new people, or meeting people for the first time after talking to them for months over FB. Life as an author is very solitary and often we don't get to meet the people who read our books, and I cherish every moment I get to spend with them. Readers take time out of their lives to come and see us and that isn't something I'd ever take for granted.

Reader events are an amazing opportunity to connect with fellow authors and readers all in the same spot. Here in Southern Ontario there aren't that many events for us, but over the last couple years more and more have popped up. A trend I hope will grow. Romancing the Falls was on May 20th in Niagara Falls and I was fortunate to be a part of it.

There were so many authors there and as a reader a great many of them I wanted to fangirl over :) but sadly I didn't have enough time to visit them all. I missed out on hugging some of my friends too, there was so much going on all day. Major huge props to the volunteers at the event. They were constantly running around checking on all the authors, delivering candy and water which I thought was so incredibly thoughtful. There was a delivery of chocolate covered licorice which I freaking loved! I ate mine...and then my husband's when he wasn't looking. When I confessed my indiscretion to Marianne Maguire, she gave me hers to cover for me. LoL It might have worked...except I ended up eating that one too.

The entire day rushed by like a whirlwind. My cheeks were hurting at one point from all the laughter and smiles. I connected with a bunch of new friends who I'm looking forward to getting to know better. My table neighbors were Shannyn Leah and Marianne Maguire. Amazing women who I loaded onto my Kobo as soon as I could.

 Freya organized a cookbook of author donated recipes and silent auction was held to support the local food bank. There was over $1400. raised, which I think is amazing! This time of year food donations really start to slump and there are so many families that will benefit from this.

Dinner that night was delish and I'm sure the speed I stuffed my face made it obvious! (I was so hungry, I could've chewed the ears off a gundark.) A photo booth was set up which is always a lot of fun. There was Karaoke and there was some damn talented women up there singing along. Also Cassia Brightmore was filmed for a Q&A production.

Personally, I know how good an event was by how inspired I am to get back to my books afterwards. To give you a bit of an indication how I feel...Currently I have 3 books open under this page, that I'm currently working on. Yup, THREE. My muse is stoked and nattering away in my ear and I can't wait to get these books finished. 💗💗💗

Ignite Your Soul is coming up in September in London, Ontario. I hope to see you there!

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