Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Ultimate Relationship Test by @elle_rush

There are milestones in any relationship. First dates, first overnight visits, first time travelling together. They are all big events in their own ways, but the big test, the true test, on whether you and your partner will make it through the tough times comes...

when you try to assemble Ikea furniture together.
I'm pleased to tell you all that I am in a stable relationship that is going to last. In the past two months, we have assembled a bed frame, two night tables, and a dresser. We have one dresser to go.

We are still talking to each other.

It's not as easy as it sounds. Sure, all the instructions are in pictures, but if you get the pieces to fit in a way they aren't supposed to, there is no way to undo some of the steps! If it were just screws or dowels, that's one thing. But now they have these plastic nails with screw ridges on them that you hammer in. Those suckers aren't ever coming out once they go in. Thank goodness we had a drill downstairs because I inserted a couple pieces backwards, and all of a sudden the holes we needed for step 8 were on the inside of the drawer instead of the outside. Thankfully, that was on the first drawer of my dresser. The rest of the drawers were fine, and I learned my lesson.

Partnership is working together, and knowing the difference between small problems and big problems and dealing with them accordingly. Accidents happen, apologizing and moving on is important on both sides.

It's important to remember that you should not attempt this relationship step until you are sure you are both ready. If all goes well, the experience could teach you things about your partner you never how many curse words they know. Happy construction!

Dena and Curtis aren't at the Ikea step, but they are travelling together, separately. For a fun, quick read on the upcoming long weekend (Happy Victoria Day, Canada!), check out Mexican Sunsets.

     "What’s on the agenda? Sky diving?”
     “Funny. Not,” she echoed. “Tomorrow is shopping. El Malecón for souvenirs and silver. Want to come?” she asked him as she usually did.
      He almost said no. He was going to. Then his head nearly bounced off the table when his chair was hit from behind. The trio of rugby players from the plane apologized as they headed out for the night, talking about Señor Frog’s and the ultimate Frisbee competition being held the next day.
      "Curtis, I don’t think you should stay on the resort. Come with me,” she coaxed.
      It was probably safer. But this was Dena. “Okay.”

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