Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Plum Trees, Floods and New In Print! #Writing #CanadianMuscle @KaceyHammell

Good morning everyone! I hope you've had a fabulous month since I last visited with you. In my burg of Ontario, it's been endless rain, a record amount in the beginning of May at more than we had all month in April. The flooding in my area, thankfully not my property, has been catastrophic for many and my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected. 

This is an image from a friend of mine's street. At least she can enter from the other end of it, as this access is closed off and water a problem to drive through. I will be glad to see the end of rain for those suffering the problems from it. My hay fields, however, are loving it. They are greener than they have been in a couple years and while I hate the issues for others, it is a positive for farmers. 

I also love to see the flowers in bloom. Especially driving along some roads and seeing the tulips out, bright and beautiful. Our plum tree has blossomed for the first time since it was planted. We've been able to make plum jam the last couple years but this is the first for flowers. I'm quite impressed because it's really beautiful, and there are 3 other plum trees starting to grow up in the same area. Plums anyone ...? LOL 

Here are a few pictures of the full bloom plum tree.


In book news, Guarding His Anchor received a TOP PICK from Night Owl Reviews. I loved Pauline's review, and to know that she will be reading more of my work.  Guarding His Anchor is also available in PRINT! I'm a very fortunate writer for such accolades. Truly blessed.

Links to the print >> Createspace // Amazon Canada // Amazon US

I hope you have a wonderful month ahead. 

Until next time, 
Happy Reading!

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