Sunday, May 28, 2017

Morning pages vs journal writing

In 2016 Julia Cameron's 25th Anniversary Edition of Artist's Way hit the shelves. My own my battered copy of the original work is wedged in my library. I remember many moons ago back in college going through her book for one my class and to this day I don't believe the debate morning pages vs journal writing had been won. The basic logic of debate had been if you keep a journal you write in it everyday therefore it's the same principal of Julia Cameron's morning pages approach, but, on the flip side not everyone who keeps a journal does it because they want to boost they're creativity or bring characters to life. So does it count? I say anyone who is motivated enough to write everyday for whatever motive gets a big kudos! Because some days I can barely motivate myself to bring fingers to keyboard. In the Artist's Way I did dig up tips to keep my creativity flowing in other ways I read, I bake, I knit, I make homemade aromatherapy or massage candles, or I make homemade bath bombs and slime with my kids. And when the ideas flow I write. Stay tuned my latest release will be out in late July hope to have a sexy cover soon...

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